Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset is the plant version of a multicolored sky, exploding in floral citrus flavors that can take on your daily stress like a champ. Purple Punch and Mandarin Sunset combined in the Ethos Genetics lab to form this little gem, which has an effect of social, relaxing creativity without being overwhelming or sedating. For midday hangouts with friends and kick-back early evenings, you’ll want to recline in the Purple Sunset.

Purple Sunset leans slightly Indica (60/40) and matures in about 10 weeks into super dense buds and a thick coat of resin. It produces a generous amount of exotic-looking flowers that make your garden smell fruity and floral. The strain grows laterally, with strong branches, thick stalks, and easily pruned structures. Novice growers love this one. As an added bonus, Purple Sunset plants are super hardy, resisting pests like mites and environmental issues like temperature and moisture. The buds continue to grow long and minty-green, favoring a gorgeous shape, thin amber hairs, a deep purple base, and tiny trichomes.

Typical Effects

Common Usage

THC Content


The Purple Sunset smells spicy and floral with fruity tones of citrus and berries that come from its varied terpenes. The taste follows suit, favoring spiciness on the exhale. In terms of relaxation, Purple Sunset relieves daily pain and stress with its mid-range, 22% THC high. You’ll be let down easy in your mid-afternoon as you relax into a Purple Sunset. We recommend kicking back with friends so they can enjoy it too.

Users that suffer from anxiety, mood swings, stress, and depression can lay back in the sunset. ADD and ADHD are also easier to live with when you have a Purple Sunset at your back. If you find yourself too stressed to eat or nauseated from anxiety, you may find your appetite coming back in the sunset.

Like the best sunset, this strain is full-bodied, relaxing, and hardy. Novice growers enjoy using it to test their mettle in their new gardens and experienced users love the fruity onset and spicy exhale. The deep violet hues of the strain should make you ready to receive the creativity, uplifting energy, and physical relaxation of the Purple Sunset. It’s a great strain for social gatherings and early evenings, best spent wallowing indoors in the violet light. You’ll all be willing to release the stress of the day, once you see the Purple Sunset going down.

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