Sun shine

Sun shine



The world’s most advanced,
intuitive contact manager.

Sunshine Contacts makes
contacts just work.

Now available by invitation.

Great contacts are life changing

Getting your contacts in order gives you confidence and fundamentally changes how you think and what you do.

At Sunshine, we reject the status quo of incomplete,
out‑of‑date, scattered contacts.

Everyone’s contacts are a mess. Now you can make your contacts useful and usable with Sunshine Contacts.

What is

At Sunshine, we are passionate about making the mundane magical: building everyday apps that put people first and quietly solve problems using sophisticated technology.

Improve your contacts

Sunshine improves your contacts using intelligent algorithms, your email data, public sources, and more.

Your contacts will automatically sync to your phone, and Sunshine Contacts will keep them up to date over time.

Before on iPhone Contacts

After on Sunshine

Share with ease

Sunshine makes it easy to exchange contact info.

Choose what to share and with whom, including people nearby, in just a few taps.

Plus, we remind you to share your contact info with other Sunshine Contact users you know who don’t
have it


Contacts are among the most closely guarded data that any of us have. Which is why, at Sunshine, we take your privacy extremely seriously.

You are in control of your information. You decide who you want to connect with and what you want to share.

Further, there are no ads on Sunshine. And we’ll never sell any of your personal information or contact information to any third party. Ever.

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