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Latest News Headlines:

The Niva Red Legend Team will show up at the the Dakar-2022 rally

The Niva Red Legend Team, a private team from Switzerland, has presented their 1984 Lada Niva car. The team will perform at the Dakar-2022 rally. The team: Mario Jacober (pilot)

Sollers Ford has postponed the production of the Transit electric van

Vedomosti.- Sollers Ford has postponed the launch of the production of the Transit electric van to 2023, as told by the head of the company Adil Shirinov to journalists.

Avtotor has constructed a compact plant for the assembly of BMW automobiles

AvtoNovostiDnya.- The construction of a new building for the assembly of BMW automobiles has been completed at the Kaliningrad factory of Avtotor. The enterprise has been established following BMW’s

UAZ has approved plans on electric car production

RusAutoNews.- As reported by drom ru, the main features of the electric car development strategy of UAZ have been presented by the chief designer of the company Oleg Krupin.

All 2021 Aurus luxury cars have been distributed to customers

TASS.- The entire fleet of Aurus luxury cars, manufactured since the beginning of the year, have already been distributed to customers, as told by the general director of the

KAMAZ has summed up the financial results of the first 3 quarters of 2021

RusAutoNews.- Kamaz has summed up the financial results of the first three quarters of 2021. As a result of the operations within the aforementioned period, the revenue of the

Ford is likely to resume passenger car production in Russia

Izvestiya.- Ford has not ruled out the resumption of the production of its passenger car range in Russia. The relevant statement has been made by the chairman of Sollers

GAZ has presented the new LCV “Gazelle NN” with gas engine

RusAutoNews.- At the event “10th International Gas Forum” in St Petersburg, GAZ has presented new models of commercial vehicles running on compressed natural gas. These are the light commercial

VW Group will reduce car production in Russia due to semiconductor shortage

RusAutoNews.- VW Group Rus will reduce the volume of car production in the Russian Federation during the forthcoming months, due to the global shortage of semiconductors, as told by

Russian car market has decreased by 23% in September 2021

RusAutoNews.- As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, the Russian car market has decreased by 22.6%, or by 34,924 units year-on-year in September 2021, amounted to 119,485 vehicles. Within

PSMA Rus has started the export of diesel engines to Western Europe

RusAutoNews.- PSMA Rus has started the weekly export of diesel engines made in Kaluga plant, as reported by Car Ru. The Euro-5 engines have been sent to the Western

Test drives of the autonomous truck Odyssey continue at the KAMAZ factory

RusAutoNews.- Test drives of the autonomous truck Kamaz 43083 continue at the Kamaz factory site, as reported by the company press office. Tests of the unmanned vehicle prototype has

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