Purple Kush Marijuana Strain

Purple kush

One of the strongest strains ever. I'm sure depending on how it is grown you'll get different ranges of potency from 17-23% THC. There is no doubt though that this strain is 100% indica and hits like a sledgehammer. I would save this strain for before bedtime or for aches and pains and advise anyone to be careful with dosage. This one deserves more recognition especially with it being close to a landrace strain.

This particular Indica strain is HEAVY! If you’re ready to kick back and chill it’s time to load up some PK. This is not your out on the town party hybrid. When you light up be ready to kick back and relax. Happy trails…

Not really a review more POV. If it (PK) does not smell like a hint of gasoline and burnt rubber with undertones of that classic grape soda-ish infused soil scent idk what to tell ya. Best PK I ever got was from a friend of friend back in 2012

Purple kush is my first strain when I began smoke ,defenetly one of the best Taste of grape aroma really smooth to smoke and one think I’ll will like to share I meet a girl in a party one day and we had some a joint she was really high she forget my name doesn’t matter cause I have her in my bed later on and is the best strain for sex I never had a sex with a stranger like this before

I'm a California native, so for a very long time, this strain was most readily available, and maybe even still now (I'm no longer in Cali.); in the streets and in the dispensaries. I came across Purple Kush while with one of my brothas; he loves the stuff, and it couch-lock, zonk, knocked my socks off! Way too heavy for me. I believe I was traumatized; since then, Indicas have truly been a no-go for me. I simply do not benefit from anything that leaves me that stuck, literally. I only gave it three stars because of just how powerful it is!

This was the first "Purple" cannabis I ever purchased. Ironically I had read it was not always very purple in color and indeed I almost saw none at all. Not a big deal, the whole "purple" thing seems like a lame gimmick anyways, but I had heard good things about this strain so I gave it a try. The buds were leafy AF, unfortunately I don't remember which cultivator it was. But since there's ONLY 3 in the freaking state (RIDICULOUS!!) so you can probably guess if you are here in Arkansas. The taste was pretty good, especially if you like the flavor of sweet red wine. The potency was just over 21% which was good enough, but I couldn't get over all the dang leaf. I'm sure if I had tried this legend in Denver or Amsterdam it would have been a hell of a lot better.

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