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Я до сих пор под впечатлением, за два месяца от каски(я подержал чуть дольше) получить готовые BUDS - это действительно FAST! Это 9 из 10, минус одна звезда за мутировавший с самого начала куст, из-за этого урожай получился скромный. Всё остальное: скорость вызревания, внешний вид, запах, вкус, эффект от накура(первые впечатления) - выше всяких похвал. Пока это лучший мой автоцвет, рекомендую!

p.s. пока не готов трип-репорт, это по ощущениям на 99% индика.

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Day 77. Girl is down !

My friend tries to push Strawberry for one more week, so all drying will be done at mines.

Could not make last photos while she grew, but it's a very very beautiful, smelly and amazingly crystaly girl .

Top work by Fast Buds as always !

Dry trim chosen for her, plant was surprisingly heavy, so I presume she will be in 2+ ounces range.

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Important to remember for this grow ONLY compost/poo homemade aero tea and less than 5 tiny pellets of 13-13-13 was used no brand cannabis nutes at all. Send me some. Bio Bizz will feature in my grows soon, I think.:pray:

This is a good smoke for bed. :ok_hand:

As always the same exotic taste i love it.
I was very surprised by the yield of this smaller pheno, she was so bushy but it didnt effect the density of the buds, rockhard and everywhere and so many frost. She smells delicious

This is the strongest plant resistance against mold i ever had. My room had Very high humidity (65%) and there was no mold at all.

Thanks Fastbuds and everyone here

I know im not too detailed in my weekly updates but if u got any questions ill answer them

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