Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis indica naturally grows in arid climates and tolerates low temperatures well. The bushes rarely grow taller than a meter and a half. Everything we see in the indica photo is due to the climate, where these plants have been growing for centuries. They have strong stems, branchy roots, and thick, fleshy leaves to store and retain water. The effects of indica are relaxing, bodily. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, it is used medicinally primarily for pain relief and sedation.

What is the structure of the indica?

Indica cannabis was first described in 1785 by scientist Jean Baptiste Lamarck. He brought the first specimen from India, but the plants were later found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal. These countries have arid climates, so indica cannabis seeds produce compact, strong plants with branched roots. The bushes mature quickly and bloom in about six weeks, which is one and a half times faster than sativa. Later, when indica seeds began to be cultivated, the strong acrid smell of the inflorescences and their high resin content were discovered.

The effect of indica is bodily - it relaxes the body and mind, the effects are compared to a feeling of petrification, a pleasant heaviness. It's all about the terpenoid myrcene. It is found not only in cannabis, but also in other plants, such as hops and mangoes. The concentration of myrcene in marijuana indica is much higher than in sativa. Hence the petrifying effect, although the main psychoactive component of cannabis itself, THC, has an energizing effect.

Medical properties of indica

Researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health analyzed data from legal cannabis pharmacies, finding that medical indica is purchased for headaches and joint pain, neuropathy, cramps and spasms, insomnia and glaucoma. Research has shown that indica varieties are, in principle, more in demand than medicinal varieties.

The therapeutic effects of cannabis are being actively studied by scientists, and it is because of the evidence base in favor of cannabis that it is gradually being legalized in the world. The reason why in the future it will be possible to legally buy indica seeds for medical grov is because of the benefits of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids:

  • relieve severe pain, including chronic and migraine-induced pain;
  • help with insomnia;
  • Relax muscles, cramps and spasms;
  • act as neuroprotectants;
  • Nausea relieves nausea, which is especially useful in chemotherapy;
  • Help with anxiety disorders and depression;
  • Lower intraocular pressure for short periods of time;
  • reduce inflammation;
  • help with irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Stimulate appetite, which is used in the treatment of eating disorders.

Remember, you can buy cannabis seeds legally and without prepayment, the highest quality only from us.

The seeds themselves do not contain psychoactive components. You can buy them legally, but it is forbidden by law to germinate them. Cannabis seeds are used in food as a rich in useful components supplement, as well as given as food to feathered pets.

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